Foreign Soil is a series of detailed paintings on canvas (30cm x 40cm) depicting the trees that are planted incongruously on verges at roadsides in municipal areas.  They are nocturnal scenes devoid of human presence.  A garden wall or bin, are the only reminders of the lives lived here during daylight hours.

In essence they are landscapes, but landscapes where the genre is distorted for the composition is portrait and the vistas only exist in the shadows.  Giving voice to existential concerns: isolation - physical, emotional and political - is the primary sensation being expressed. 

The title ‘Foreign Soil’ could refer to being lost, remote, unwanted, or out of place.  To label something or someone as ‘foreign’ is emotive and politically charged.  Feelings of belonging, notions of ownership of land and the borders that separate begin to arise.  Which part of the scene is the ‘foreign’ element?  These trees are mostly indigenous species, planted by hand in soil now hidden by an artificial landscape of asphalt and concrete.


A house somewhere on foreign soil

Where aging lovers call

Is this your goal, your final needs

Where dogs and vultures eat                       

‘Means To An End’, - Joy Division