My usual retort to the opportunity of flying anywhere is, 'you ain't getting me on no plane fool', but after a 'script from the GP I managed to stumble up the back end of a 737 or Airbus or ... it had wings.  A couple of hours later I came to for a rare treat of a 3 day break in Berlin, during which I received 3 great emails amongst the dozens of usual gumpf in the inbox.  

Conformation of the involvement in Autocatalytic Future Games at No Format - a fantastic looking show created and organised by playpaint;  selection onto the  East Sussex Open 2015 at Towner Gallery Eastbourne;  and my proposal for Sotto Voce Arts residency has been accepted.  Like buses, you wait around for ages then 3 of the buggers come rolling along!

Meanwhile, back in Berlin the highlight for me was The Channa Horwitz show, Counting In Eight, Moving By Colour, at the KW Institute.