It's been a while

It's been a while!  The highlight since the last post was being named by Jonathan Watkins as the winner of this years Beep International Painting Prize.  The exhibition begins in Swansea and then tours to Undegun, Wrexham (7 Oct - 5 Nov) and then Arcade, Cardiff (16 Nov - 23 Dec).  The award includes a solo show at Elysium Gallery in 2017, which is incredibly exciting.  

Here is a link to the Beep website where there is a link to the online catalogue

Also working with Ian Baker and Phil King in June on 'Landskips' was a joy. 


Have completed the twelfth and possibly last painting in this current project.  Maybe I should give it a title.  


My usual retort to the opportunity of flying anywhere is, 'you ain't getting me on no plane fool', but after a 'script from the GP I managed to stumble up the back end of a 737 or Airbus or ... it had wings.  A couple of hours later I came to for a rare treat of a 3 day break in Berlin, during which I received 3 great emails amongst the dozens of usual gumpf in the inbox.  

Conformation of the involvement in Autocatalytic Future Games at No Format - a fantastic looking show created and organised by playpaint;  selection onto the  East Sussex Open 2015 at Towner Gallery Eastbourne;  and my proposal for Sotto Voce Arts residency has been accepted.  Like buses, you wait around for ages then 3 of the buggers come rolling along!

Meanwhile, back in Berlin the highlight for me was The Channa Horwitz show, Counting In Eight, Moving By Colour, at the KW Institute. 



First entry

Where to begin?  At the end of course.  I'm just about finished this current project of kerbside tree paintings, I've started the last one.  I say last one, but I do have a canvas and another image to make this original idea of 12 paintings up to a bakers dozen.  And, now I'm finding more possible tree candidates around town, but I must get on with other projects that need to get done.  The next one has been started, something a bit different.  Not least in scale.  I need to stock up on large brushes!

Confirmed exhibition news, I'm working towards a show in Margate in October with some great artists, Matthew Swift, Ana Vicente, Sam Hodge, and Mark Sowden.  Working title 'The Things That Are There'.